Who’s got the crack (pudding)?

8 Mar

By crack, I of course mean bacon.

Nine and a half weeks in to my self-imposed offalism, I’ve got the bacon shakes. I really want some. But I can’t have it. It’s not only NOT OFFAL, but is also a REGULAR CUT OF MEAT. I even asked Daz is streaky would be OK and he said NO. Quite right too really. If I broke the bacon rule I may as well go out and eat twenty fillet steaks in a sitting. And not only would that be bad for my digestion, but it would also be a waste of good fillet and we wouldn’t want that.

A little while ago I was talking to my friend MotherEagle about cravings and because she was an aromatherapist I asked her if there were essential oils that stopped cravings. Unfortunately not really, but you can train yourself to associate certain smells with craving a thing so you stop doing it. I’ve been trying this with my bacon obsession and it’s not working. I just want to try bacon and bergamot.

Bacon is a taunting meat as well. It’s everywhere I look. Bacon at the bed and breakfast I stayed at. I had sausage, because there wasn’t even any black pudding. Bacon at MacDonalds (I work very close to one). Bacon in the market near my work. And finally ‘How to make the Perfect Bacon Sandwich’ on the Guardian today. I can imagine the taste vividly. Either I am ignoring the signs of the Universe, or the Guardian has never seen Robin Hood Prince of Thieves and therefore does not know that only Allah is perfect. And I’m pretty sure Allah is not a bacon sandwich.

Is there an offal equivalent of bacon? Is there heck! Though I am going to try and re-create it with pig’s ears. watch this space! I will however have some of those soya bacon chips on hand. Put on pasta with some cheddar, comfort food of the Gods!

In an attempt to satiate my craving, I set to with what is fast becoming a fridge staple for me – black pudding!

I’m not in any way saying that black pudding is the same. It is delicious though and I’m really enjoying using it cooked and crumbled over salads and in warm sandwiches. A new favorite is black pudding omelette.

So it might not look amazing, but a balc pudding omelette is very nice indeed. You want to fry your black pudding so it’s cooked, doesn’t matter if it breaks up and then add your eggs and omelette like normal. Omelette were the first proper thing I learnt to cook and sometimes it’s nice to return to those sorts of basics. What did you first learn to cook?

One Response to “Who’s got the crack (pudding)?”

  1. Mother Eagle March 16, 2012 at 12:28 pm #

    big lolz.

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