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Hybrid Chocolate Chip Cookies

29 May

A while ago it was the Snooker World Championship. Me and the Glorious Gentleman both well love the snooks. He has a blog and its joys. While we were watching the snooks, on the bank holiday weekend, a terrible thing occurred. We ran out of snacks. We also were low on ingredients. And biscuits were NECESSARY. Neither of us could leave the coverage. Uh oh.

Obviously I cook a lot of meat. I have also been known to bake. A few years ago I got a bit obsessed with cupcakes and tried to bake my way through cupcake recipe book I’d been given. I got about a fifth of the way through and then ran out of mileage. However the above dilemma could only really be solved by putting my baking gloves on again and making some biscuits.

I’d read a while ago on twitter a recipe link to hazelnut butter chocolate chip cookies. But I lost the link*. Anyway, the point is I went off to find abother recipe. I found one. I converted the measurements. I measured my butter. Too little. Too little for even a half batch. Uh oh. Then through the power of the internet I found a recipe for butterless ones with olive oil. Ha! says my over-educated brain. I will combine the two. Other hybridisation factors came into play – such as no chocolate chips? Just use Easter Egg!

Here is a Hybrid Chocolate Cookie Recipe. Feel free to free-style with it. It could be an either/or recipe substituting butter or oil. There’s no brown sugar involved! Versatile!

The recipe doesn’t make those melt-all-flat cookies but does make those chunky New England (?) ones.

The recipes that I combined are from here and here. Both blogs are well worth a peruse, so head over. Especially the second, which is based in New Zealand. I liked the recipe for Anzac biscuits there.

Look, you can see Ronnie in the picture.


  • Flour – 500g/ 2 quarter cups
  • 1 tsp baking powder
  • 2 eggs
  • Sugar – 250g/1 cup
  • Fat: oil quarter cup; butter 1 and quarter cups; if using mix go to third of a cup/100g ratio doesn’t appear to matter
  • Liquid sugar: honey, golden syrup, maple syrup, jam –  2 tbsp. Don’t have any – either leave out or up the granulated sugar.
  • Chocolate – as much as you like! I quartered half a pack of Rolos and broke a 100g easter egg up. Other recipes say 1 ounce.

So cream together the fat and the sugar and the liquid sugar form/s. Add the eggs and mix in. Add the chocolate and mix. Sieve the flour and the baking powder in and mix. If it looks a little dry (to my judgement if it doesn’t have the consistency of the dough in Cookie Dough ice cream) then add a teaspoon or two of milk or water.

Roll them into little balls and then flatten them between your hands, so they are still quite thick. They don’t really melt down very much so that will be the thickness of your biscuit.Put on a greased baking sheet. Bake in the oven at just above gas mark 4 or 190 degrees C.

The point I’m really wanting to get across is to be brave in your baking and cooking and, especially if you have the internet on hand, nothing is a disaster!

It got me thinking as to whether you could make a recipe table/spreadsheet that had axes where you could calculate your recipe according to what you have in the cupboard? Has that been done? Is it crazy talk?

*I have now found it through google. I am quite rubbish at the internet sometimes. I really want to make some ones with all the nut butters and nut oils. New ambition!