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Honeycomb Tripe – Nose to Tail Fortnight Day 5

5 May

Day 5 was always going to be a busy day because we were having tea at Daz’s Mum’s house. SO we just wanted a little snacky lunch. After cooking tripe a few days ago, there has been demand from some quarters for MORE TRIPE! So I went back to the tripe shop and chose my tripe carefully.

After some research, last time we had blanket tripe. This time I thought we should try the other sort they sell, which is honeycomb tripe. I really like how it looks – a lovely geometric pattern. It also makes an amazing sound when you rub it with your fingers! Organic percussion? The meat orchestra? Rocky makes a good noises when he punches beef? Me and Sly in a meat duo?

NB: My youtube channel is called goodlyoffal. Apparently I have one now, because wordpress wouldn’t let me just upload a video. Watch that space too?

Daz had wanted me to make the same sauce as we had before. I stubbornly wanted to try something different. So the recipe we used was:

200g honeycomb trip sliced thinly, 1 onion sliced, 4 large (but not field) mushrooms, quarter teaspoon harissa, 1 tsp ginger paste, 2 tsp honey

Add a little oil to the pan, cook the onions down a bit, add the mushrooms, sweat them a bit more. Add the harissa, ginger and honey. Stir and then turn the heat down. Put a lid on the pan and let it all cook together for about ten minutes. Add the tripe and stir with the lid off now. After five minutes, add the can of tomatoes. Simmer for another ten minutes, season and serve! We ate it with some crunchy bread.

What I did realise whilst I was cooking this is that a lot of my recipes start with onion (or celery if I’ve run out of onion). Is this the case for everyone? I’m starting to feel I’m in a bit of a cookery groundhog day … suggestions welcome. As Daz pointed out though “a lot of recipes in the world start with celery and onion” so maybe that’s ok.

If other news, I did an amzing thing, which was to JUICE SOME CLEAVERS. Cleavers you might know by other names such as Stickybud and Goosegrass. It is an amazing detoxing herb. I drink it dried in tea, but was isnpired by this post by herbalist Lucy Jones to harness the goodness another way. Also I have wanted to play with my juicer for a long time. I can tell you that juiced cleavers tastes a bit like grass. I’ve frozen it in ice cube trays to add to post-sport smoothies.

What other things are good to juice?