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Mugwort Pheasant

22 Jul

Mugwort is my new favourite herb. Particularly when paired with orange. What an aromatic combination!

July clearly isn’t game season, but my Mum’s butcher in Norfolk had pack of pheasant legs for a pound, so really I couldn’t refuse. Just as a recap if you are thinking ‘leg isn’t liver – she’s breaking all the rules’ – game is allowed for several reasons:

  1. The animals do lots of running around before they’re shot – so it really is free range. Animal welfare, tick!
  2. They have a pretty organic diet.
  3. We don’t eat enough game – the argument goes along the lines of the animals are already there, so there’s no extra energy/expense in raising them, so they are a more environmentally friendly source of meat. Large holes can be picked in this – what about estates stocking pheasant chicks? I’m going to do more research and get in touch with the Game-to-Eat organisation.

All thoughts on the subject are gratefully received too. In November is it Game-Eating month according to Game-to-Eat, so I’m sure I’ll be talking more about it then.

But onward. Again, this is one of my mighty slow cooker recipes. I love my slow cooker so much, it’s hard to describe the feelings of warmth I get when I see the resultant stew after I through together a few ingredients. I’m sure there are ways I could have made this recipe better, but I was feeling lazy, so basically all the ingredients got flung in and cooked on low for about 16 hours.

What you need:

4 pheasant legs (skinned), 1 tin chickpeas, 1 chopped onion, 1 teaspoon of mugwort, zest of half an orange, 1 tin tomatoes, enough stock to cover the rest with fluid.

Fling everything in the slow-cooker. Add an appropriate amount of stock. Wait. Devour.

 NB: If you don’t have a slow-cooker, you can use an ordianry casserole dish, cooking in the bottom of the oven for about 6 hours at 140C would probably produce the same results.

NB2: If you don’t have any mugwort, you could use any other aromatic herb that fits with the orange – rosemary would be good I think, so too would juniper, sage another good one. If you really want to try the mugwort (you’d need to get it from a herb garden (like Dilston) or from a herbalist, it won’t be in the supermarket), but can’t find it I can send you some – see twitter!
















The finished product looked like most tomatoe-y, chickpea-y concoctions you make. I also think I took the picture on my boyfriend’s phone, which I can’t locate right now – so you’ll just have to wait for this one to be updates with another *amazing* phone picture.