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I’m so hungry, I could eat a …

11 Feb


Several people have asked me recently about the HORSE MEAT SCANDAL, since it appears I’ve started to be known as “the offal lady”. What do I think? I’m not bothered about eating horse (however it appears that all these horses were actually PETS and that makes me quite sad). Horse is delicious. Findus pancakes are delicious. Am I the only person to see a common denominator?

However, naughty huge companies shouldn’t lose track of their labelling, whether through translation, a lack of sticky tape, or a Blind Eye. They make enough money to have better quality control. The thing that keeps striking me was summed up on the news:


Yup, that’s a map of Europe that various meat parcels have travelled across. The number of hands it all passed through increases the likelihood of a mess-up considerably.

I think the whole thing is the best advert for choosing a reputable butcher and going and choosing your own meat and then making your own food at home. Convenience food is convenient, but delicious as crispy pancakes are, you can make proper pancakes in the time it takes them to bake!