Guest Posts

I’ve done two now and thought I should put them in the same place, so that all you people who’ve read the seventy-odd posts here, can grab a bit more LucyJuice! (Also, if you’d fancy a guest post from me, get in touch on the Twitter or in the comments here …)

  • My first ever post over at the lovely Om Blog, run by Juls. I curried some testicles. There is a companion piece on here about what I made to go with said testicles, but if you’re reading this, you’ve probably read that already! Here is “Casual Lamb’s Testicle Curry”.
  • Another scheme I’m involved in is SeedyPenpals – I am an unskilled gardener, but it’s truly a great way of getting in touch with other (and much better) growers. This post has nothing to do with offal, but is based on a long rambling email I sent to poor Andrew at Life on Pig Row. Here is “What does a Garden mean to you? Part 2”.
  • Very generously, I was asked by the organisation WasteWatch to write a guest post for their ‘Waste Less Live More Week‘. They endeavor to teach and support people to ‘tread more lightly’ on our planet, please have a look on their website because it is full of so many ideas that no matter whatthe lifestyle, we could all easily adopt some of them. You can see my post ‘Offally Good’ here.
  • If you’re wondered how to make your own bacon, please see my Guest Post for RockSalt, on the topic of Home Cured Bacon. Yeah, it’s really easy. I’m never buying those pancetta cubes in the supermarket again. (I also recognise its a bit of a cheat, but bacon is well delicious and a girl can only go so long before the craving hits. I think by curing my own I caved in an appropriate way.

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