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Down to business …

9 Jan

Yes, that’s correct. I tackled the haggis. I am indeed a brave lady. My haggis-involvement was not purposeful though. I went for a run with my friend and then we went to Asda where I bought two brassieres for £1 each and then turned my thoughts to dinner.

Now Asda (it may just be the Holt Park one) is woefully short on the offal. I was slightly despairing that for a quick dinner I would have to get a £1 veggie lasagne, but then the reduced section came to my rescue.

Whoops indeed, Asda! I’ve never cooked Haggis. I’ve eaten it before – drunk at Burns Night Parties and I have ogled over this recipe from my friend RockSalt! You should totally check her things here. So this was indeed a new step for me. I checked it was indeed offal and was gratified to see the first two ingredients as pork lungs and pork liver. Excellent! It even looked a bit Scottish, what with the artfully placed thistles and all:

The instructions for cooking were on the back and as I had neither time nor inclination to steam or boil my haggis, I microwaved it, like what ye clansmen of Olde Bravehearte did. You take the filling out the fake bladder and blast it for five minutes, stirring half-way through. It tasted just like the drunk boiled ones I’d eaten before.

What you may not suspect is that a 454g haggis is actually a lot of haggis. I ate maybe a fifth. There’s still some in the fridge now. I’m intending to use it in exciting ways – maybe even Scotch egg it? All Scottish people (like Stephen Hendry) may know this, but haggis on toast is delicious. I did not.

I got  fancy and fried some leeks to go with it and my toast was from a really good baker in Headingley on North Lane just next to the vintage shop next to what was Oddbins. It is small and nice. I put some redcurrants on top and their sharpness cuts through the haggis, which was (whether due to amount plated or brand bought) a bit cloying.

But yes, first proper offal dinner at home done. Win.