Foodie Penpals

Each month I participate in the Foodie Penpals exchange. You should too! Go and look at the RockSalt blog and sign-up. Right now!

I’ve put together a list of posts because the exchange has become quite a large part of my month’s shopping. I get new ideas and ingredients, not just from the package, but from other people’s posts and tweetering between ourselves. I use spices I’ve been given all the time and have been introduced to so many new things, I thought it was time it was all put together.

Foodie Penpals – my first exchange: African cookery, the perils of glassware and offal soup

Foodie Penpals the Second – Spanish black pudding, a tripe recipe and Chinese treats

Foodie Penpals the Third – macaroons a-go-go, animal pasta and an iced treats recipe book

Foodie Penpals the Fourth – Great British Foodiepenpals, cherries and hot chocolate

Foodie Penpals the Fifth – red glitter, a baking book and tikka rub

Foodie Penpals the Sixth – fresh sage, Cornish Fairings and porcini

Foodie Penpals the Seventh – rosemary, dukkah and homemade cake

Foodie Penpals the Eighth – raw chocolate, Himalayan pink salt, super snackage

Thanks for all the lovely packages, lovely people and here’s to many more. Hurray!

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